February 22, 2021

  at 18:30

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Members and guests are invited to enjoy an evening beside the Swan indulging in seafood delights paired with wonderful wines.  Matilda GM Warwick Lavis along with Head Chef Elissa Prus have set the restaurant’s philosophy:

Our story is one of understanding the significance of food as a social experience. We understand there is something special about sharing food, whether that be with a loved one, or amongst friends and colleagues. It’s a long-held ritual, an opportunity to bond, to interact, to create memories, to live.

Sound familiar?  Yes so much like ours at IWFS.

Diners should note that we are booked in the Roe Room which is upstairs with toilets downstairs, unfortunately there is no lift access.  We apologise to any Members and guests that are mobility impaired and reassure you that we will avoid these restrictions for future events.

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