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The International Wine and Food Society is a confederation of branches, organised into three regions.  Each branch operates under its own constitution, approved by its members and its regional committee, and is focused on the vision of founder, André Simon.  As such, membership policies range widely.

Starting with 16 founding members, the Western Australian branch now has close to 100 members and accepts both single and joint applications as well as reduced-priced applications for our younger members.

As a member of the IWFS you can benefit from the following:  

  • Enjoy numerous local events throughout the year with like-minded members who share your passion for wine, food and education
  • Attend IWFS events and festivals around the world
  • Learn about wines and food of the world via the series of Monographs on subjects ranging from Biodynamics to French Cheese.
  • Receive a subscription to international and regional news via our quarterly online global newsletter “The Grapevine” plus a copy of your regional quarterly magazine/online newsletter. 
  • Gain insider access to wineries and restaurants.
  • Receive access to the latest assessment of vintages from around the world via our unique vintage cards or App.  This information is highly regarded having been sourced from our expert wine consultants around the globe and produced under the guidance of our Wines Committee.  The ratings range from 1 to 7 (the best) and also provide guidance as to the drinkability of the vintages shown.
  • Access insider travel information from contacts in existing branches.
  • Access public liability insurance for the benefit of branches and members worldwide.  There are two sets of policies, one of which applies to liability arising out of occurrences taking place in North America and the other applies to occurrences taking place anywhere else in the rest of the world. The objective is that the Society, its branches and members should have the benefit of insurance irrespective of the place of the occurrence, the jurisdiction in which the claim is made and the identity of those against whom proceedings are commenced.
  • Enjoy special access to accommodation at unique venues in London.

If you are interested in joining the Western Australia Branch of the IWFS, please get in touch

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